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If you get accepted into 'Alpha Female House', this is how it's going to work:
1. First, we will get on the phone... and chat about where you are now in your business, and where you wanna be...  

2. Our exquisite team of experts will begin to work with you on achieving your goals..

3. Then, we will follow up with you on phone, check with you regularly and keep you updated on the progress..

4. We will be friends for life... We will celebrate your victories and spectacular growth!
Our Testimonials
Gosia Gorna, Author of 'The Expansion Game'
"I am amazed with the ease and grace that my book became an Amazon Bestseller not only in United Kingdom but also in the United States. It was almost instant and I became an International Bestselling Author. Awesome!!"
Norman Plotkin, Author of 'Take Charge of Your Cancer'
"Working with your team has been a pleasure. Creative, innovative and tech-savvy, the team has taken me to a level that I could not reach on my own and my brand is beginning to reflect this. Thank you!."
Batista Gremaud, Author of 'Feminine Body Design'
I have written books before, however on my 4th flagship book “Stronger Than Medicine”, I needed something over the top, so to speak; impacting super brand recognition with organized dialogue in an interesting readable format. I can’t say enough about your genius and professionalism. Working with you was very inspiring and productive beyond my expectations. I have exceeded my original plans by completing an additional book, “Feminine Body Design” which became a No1 Best Seller. Make no mistake about it, without the outstanding expertise provided by you, as my guide and mentor it would not have been possible. You are the best in the business.
David Morris, Royal Navy Yachtmaster
You ladies are simply ingenious when it comes to branding and sales funnels. You know exactly what a new start-up needs... Booking high end clients now thanks to your brilliant feminine strategies in the jungle of business!!
Golda Nieleke Wasimin, Author of 'Ugly Duckling'
Having someone who holds you accountable was extremely helpful to finish up the book. Even though, I still had to do some tweaks after words the main job was done. Today the book will make a difference in so many people’s lives. Today my book is on the market. I believe it is a game changer and I am a very proud author.
Jeff Johnson, Author of 'Escape from 9-5.'
Your team has given me a great inspiration for this book. I like your approach which is way beyond than just creating the manuscript. You have an amazing ability to take the story out of the author. I realized my story is much greater than I have imagined. Very professional approach, Authors will love working with your company and will be proud of what they have created. Do not hesitate, just do it, Amazing things awaits you.
Cécile Correa, Author of 'Truth About'
Creating and publishing a book requires a lot of hard work, and  am so happy to have been introduced to have found you. Your empathetic, encouraging style kept me on track. I enjoyed working with you!
Matthew Scott Donnelly, Author of 'Spirit of Motivation'
As a millennial author, I found myself speechless when I launched my own book on Amazon and Kindle, and thanks to your help my title ranked as a Bestseller. How does it get any better than that?
Paul George Smith Jr, Author of 'Holistic Wisdom'
I am eternally grateful for your support in writing and publishing my first bestseller book. From concept, through outline and chapters, to cover - you have been with me on this journey! Thank you!!
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Three Bestselling Authors & Female Leading Internet Entrepreneurs
Join Forces To Empower Authentic Leadership In The World
Anna Gurynowicz
Start-Up Business Strategist, Business Consultant, Psychologist
Parul Agrawal
Bestseller Launch Expert & Forbes Coaches Council Member
Evita Ramparte
Journalist, Business Mystic, Health Coach To Celebrities & CEOs
Letter from the Founders

Dear Author,

We already ranked over 100 Bestselling Authors like you. 
We already built over 50 Sales Funnels and Membership Sites.
We already launched over 30 Social Media Campaigns

Our PR Campaigns have resulted in effective media mentions in CNBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, Forbes, Thrive Global, She Owns It, Mind Body Green, The WallStreet Journal and Huffington Post... 

We founded Alpha Female House to support your Message, and your Mission! 
Our company is an international publishing platform built to empower authentic leadership on the Planet. Your leadership. It's time!

We outsource and manage some of the most outstanding talent across five continents to brand your message, establish your authority and provide the best content for your audience and your dream clients.

We are committed to your victory. 

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